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What our clients say

 « We work with the Mac Erci team on the recruitment of scientific experts. Mac Erci has always been relevant in the understanding of our needs.
The team is highly professional and this is reflected in the relevance of candidates we have met to date. »

Virginie - HR BP R&D Waters - SBS & Nutrition / DANONE RESEARCH

« PARROT works with MAC ERCI since 2014, particularly on outplacement services. As Human Resources Director, I have seen the performance and the results obtained by the consulting firm on several occasions. They know how to have a reassuring dialogue and to listen to employees; they provide a professional and effective viewpoint, connected to a job market and research methods that are constantly evolving ».

Christophe - DRH - PARROT

What our candidates say

  • « I have particularly appreciated the straightforwardness and attention you have shown during our collaboration (outplacement) as well as your efficiency in every step: construction of the project, resume writing, use of social networks and recruitments websites, interview preparation.
    My situation finally evolved rapidly and I quickly found a new opportunity. »

  • « I have followed a fast and effective recruitment process with Mac Erci HR Consulting firm, after which I was chosen. Indeed I have appreciated the transparency and the clarity of the information provided, allowing me to have an accurate picture of the job, as well as their professionalism and methodology which reinforced my motivation over the different stages.
    I have also appreciated the process followed by the consulting firm which strives to identify the behavior, motivation and dominant personality traits of the candidate so as to make sure that they are in line with the expectations of their client. It explains the different stages of the recruitment process with clear timescales and provides relevant information.
    I was already working and it was important for me to be confident before beginning a new adventure. ».

    Karl - Formulation & Product Innovation Engineer - World leader food industry
  • « MAC-ERCI HR Consulting firm has perfectly met my expectations.
    Following my application, I was quickly contacted for a first interview.
    The persons I have met perfectly presented to me the job prospects and the interview process was very constructive.
    The process was very professional.
    I was always kept informed of the progress of my application.
    The organization of meetings and contacts with the client by the agency was also very efficient.
    I must also specify that I found the personality test and analysis very relevant.
    In a nutshell, I can only thank MAC ERCI of its involvement in the whole process ».

    François - Project Manager Tenders/Bids TRAM - Multinational Transport Operator
  • « I have really appreciated your attention as well as responsiveness.
    Your suggestions and advice were very relevant.
    You have enabled me to make the right choice by joining my new employer ».

    Guillaume - Business Developer Manager - Digital IOT
  • « « I have experienced the very good organization of your agency, I have especially appreciated the follow-up of my application: proper coordination in your team.
    I was contacted in a reactive way after every interview for a debrief.
    I had a clear vision of the progress in the recruitment process.
    To sum up, I am very satisfied with our collaboration for my recruitment ».

    Clémence - HR Business Partner and Human Resources Manager - World leader aerospace equipment and systems
  • "Mac-Erci recruitment agency was attentive to my expectations and provided me with an opportunity which was really relevant.
    The recruitment was targeted and took into account my skills and professional experience but also my personality traits and future professional aspirations!
    The team had a very human approach and was very available."

  • "A warm welcome, a close and personalized follow-up, a constructive dialogue focusing on skills as well as the candidate’s personality traits. Thank you Mac Erci!"

    Mylène - Senior Business Develop - Digital Agency
  • « A personnalized approch, a professional follow-up
    I particulary appreciated the simple and efficient approch of the team. The welcome was warm but efficient : interview, reference checks and personnality traits.
    Once appointed, MAC-ERCI continued to follow the recruitment. During the trial period, I was contacted to provide an update of my activity. They did the same thing with their client : my employer.
    Drive, simplicity and professionnalism are the works I would employ to describe Mac-Erci agency.
    Congratulations to the whole team, keep up the good work! »

    Hélène - Operations Director - Software company
  • « MAC-Erci was looking for a Marketing ans Sales Director, deputy CEO, for a major French company. The position met the challenge I wanted to undertake. All along the recruitment process, I was assisted with a high level of professionalism to enable me to fully and calmly measure the challenges facing the function as well as the associated risks. Mac-Erci did the link between the employer and myself to align our respective objectives and expectations. Mac-Erci has a rare recruitment approach and is able to look beyond a defined framework of “ideal” applications by focusing on skills, abilities and personal qualities more than the level of qualification. »

    Béatrice - Sales and Marketing Director - Digital
  • «I was hunted by Mac-Erci for an expert position in the field of energy. The presentation of the company and the position was very accurate and the follow-up as part of the recruitment process was continuous. There was no surprise once I was appointed, be it on the scope of my responsibilities or the company itself. Thank you Mac Erci. »

    Sébastien - International Marketing and Innovation Manager - Solar energy company